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Clients Questions
Why are you different to a normal driving agency?
95% of our drivers are permanent employees on a contract with full employee benefits. They are not temporary staff or casual drivers.
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What difference does employee status make?
Drivers know they have a guaranteed wage, making them less inclined to spin out the job to increase their wages. As we retain the best drivers our staff turnover is lower so we can place drivers with confidence.
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I can hire drivers for less, so where is your value for money?
You only get what you pay for. An inexperienced temporary agency driver with no guaranteed wages or commitment to your business may cost you far more in the long term. Cost savings through using our professional drivers can be substantial: lower diesel costs, less returned goods, increased customer satisfaction etc.
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Can I request the same driver again?
You can keep him for as long as you need him. On subsequent occasions we will supply the same driver if he is available and not on contract to another client. However, over a period of time you are likely to be supplied with drivers you have had before, which saves time in having to explain your rules and procedures all over again.
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How can I be sure of a regular supply of drivers?
You can't, but we will do our best as you will be aware of the national shortage of good LGV drivers. This problem is affecting both large and small companies, who increasingly have to stand vehicles. At 1 Call we address the problem by recruiting the best people available and rewarding them with on-going training (ADR hazardous goods, HIAB crane, FLT and class 4 airport security certification) and permanent jobs. In other words, we invest in the future to ensure driver availability.
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Will your staff understand my needs?
Experienced transport managers who understand your needs staff our control room. Our aim is to get it right first time to ensure repeat business. We will refuse a booking rather than send an unsuitable driver.
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Will I get my Tachographs back?
We provide a full Tachograph care and return service. Drivers have to hand in their Tachographs with their time sheets. They have to stand a deduction if any are missing, so this is rarely a problem. Every Thursday you will receive the previous weeks Tachographs in a special envelope. Fridays is retained by the driver in order to comply with the law and returned to you the following week.
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Do your drivers know the driver's hours and Tachograph rules?
All Drivers need to pass our Working Hours and Tachograph examination. Before being interviewed by our CPC/FTA trained staff, drivers are questioned carefully to ensure they understand the rules and have not just studied a book on the way to the interview. If they do not have enough experience or are not the right calibre to join our organisation they do not get employed.
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Do your drivers wear a uniform?
Drivers are issued with smart blue uniforms and hi-vis jackets before they start with 1 Call Driving
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Are driver's backgrounds checked for honesty and work performance?
All applicants have a thorough interview with one of our transport management team. References, both verbal and written, are taken up. Past work performance and accident record with former employers are taken into account. All drivers supplied are covered by £1,000 of fidelity bonding insurance at no extra charge. Clients with more valuable loads can request cover at a charge. Since we give drivers a contract of employment, we are obviously careful who we employ.
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Can you guarantee consistent quality?
No we supply people not baked beans, they are not all the same, some have different skills and strengths but they are all good drivers with a provable driving history. 1 Call Driving are members of the Freight Transport Association, the Road Haulage Association and the Recruitment and Employment Confederation, we operate to our own high standards and encourage client feedback.
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Can I take one of your drivers onto my books?
1 Call Driving invests a considerable sum into recruiting and training drivers to provide you, our customers, with a first class service. We do not encourage clients to recruit our drivers thereby reducing our ability to service their needs. An introduction fee is applied to any 1 Call Driving driver employed directly by you. This will however be waived if you contact us and we agree to a 13 week temp to perm arrangement.
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Why don't you offer a 24-hour service?
Quality staff cost money.
We believe that every call answered is important a transport specialist at his desk will answer your call each weekday between 0530 - 2200 hours and on a weekend between 0730 - 2200 hours.
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Drivers common questions
Why are you different to a normal temporary driving agency?
A temp agency gives you a temporary contract and no commitment, if they are busy you will get work, if they are quiet you will get no work and no money. 1 Call Driving is different we commit to you. you get offered a proper full time contract with a guaranteed rate and minimum earnings.
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What is the difference between a temporary contract and a permanent contract?
A temporary contract is basically like self employment it is only in force during the job and gives you very little rights. A permanent contract gives you full employment rights and is a two way commitment between the employer (us) and the employee (you).
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As a permanent driver what happens if you send me to a company that I don't like or assign me to work I'm not happy with?
Everybody has companies that they don't like or jobs they don't like doing, that's ok with us we are the largest driver supplier in our area we have lots of different clients and a large number of drivers so usually we can swap things around and make everybody happy.
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Will I have to travel far to work?
We always try to keep travel to a minimum, generally we do not like drivers to be traveling more than 30 minutes to work. The large number of drivers we have employed and our large client base also makes it easier to find work close to your home.
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How can I be sure of a regular supply of work?
You can't, in an industry with busy and quiet times, sometimes we have drivers stood. But we believe that's our problem not yours. If we can't find you work then we will pay you your guaranteed amount anyway.
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Do I have to wear a uniform?
Yes, you are issued with smart blue uniforms and hi-vis jackets before you start with 1 Call Driving.
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Is it true that agency drivers get the worse runs and vehicles.
If you come and join us you are our employee and we expect you to be treated with respect by the clients we send you to. If this is not the case we take action even if that means losing the client.
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If I like a client can I go and work for them?
You are free to work for who you like, we have a contractual agreement with our clients but usually we just transfer you over to the client after a 13 week notice period.
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1 Call Driving Solutions is an agency built on many years of knowledge and experience. We have been supplying the very best drivers to the tranport industry for over 10years!!

Our aim at 1 Call Driving solutions is to help SOLVE your
problems not cause them.

Click on the menu on the left to find out more about our team.



We urgently require experienced Class 1 (C+E) and Class 2 (C) drivers for new and ongoing contracts.

For immediate interview please call us now on our Head Office number 0113 2536878.

Or click on the Contact Us, then Telephone tab for your local number.

Altenatively you can submit your details online - click the "Driver Information" tab, then click "Apply" to apply online.

Working Time (Road Transport) Regulations - New jargon busting mini website launched - click here to visit.
Analogue and Digital Tachograph Analysis Service
The difference is in the quality

We only ever employ the most professional drivers,
we look after our drivers, so they look after you

Of course our drivers are free to move around the different agencies, but they always prefer to work for us. Our drivers uphold our good name and we are proud of all of them to be working for us.

With unemployment running at an all time low and a national shortage of decent drivers it is a simple fact that most drivers who are employable can get a job.
The shrinking pool of drivers left to do temporary work, consists of:
  • Good drivers who, for their own reasons do not wish to commit to a full time job
  • Drivers who can't obtain employment
Our drivers choose to work for us because they want to, not because they have to.
Need a driver?

Drivers available throughout the North.

Whether it be a short notice absence of your own driver,
a planned holiday or simply that your current "agency" has let you down AGAIN. When you need an experienced driver to deliver your goods in a safe and timely and above all, legal manner.
Call us, we supply drivers who.
  • Are experienced and motivated.
  • Are guaranteed to turn up, backed by compensation.
  • Are able to follow instructions and keep in touch.
  • Are assigned with the skills to match your requirements.
  • Are clean, presentable and uniformed.
  • Carry identity cards and licences.
  • Wear safety boots and Hi Vis jackets.
You Call We Answer

Place a phone call to 1 Call Driving and your call will be handled promptly and efficiently
by transport professionals who understand your needs, always providing you with an honest answer.

When you call 1 Call Driving Solutions we give you:

  • Instant Answers
  • No Waffle.
  • No False Promises.
  • No time wasting.
  • You usually only find out how good a service is when things go wrong!
    As the largest specialist provider of drivers in the North of England we are big enough to provide a high level of service and as a family firm we are still small enough to care passionately about our business and the quality of service we deliver.
    It's an emergency!

    It's 06.15 Monday morning and you've just found out
    that your driver isn't coming in today and his load
    should be already on the road and on its way!!!

    Do you:

    (1) Phone your customers and tell them that they can't have their delivery today, damaging your hard earned reputation?
    (2) Start a mad phone session ringing round all the local agencies, hoping to start with that someone will answer, then keeping your fingers crossed that they have a driver with the right skills.
    (3) Phone 1 Call Driving Operations desk for an immediate answer, we have tranined transport professions on the phones from 6am, 7 days a week. And we always make sure that we have our up to date driver availability no matter when you call, saving your precious time.
    Value for money

    A term often used by other companies,
    but rarely achieved.

    We know that delivering value is NOT just about offering the lowest quote.
    Drivers from the cheapest of agencies who take their time so that they can maximise on overtime could cost you severely. When you need a driver to deliver your goods without damaging your vehicle, the goods carried or your reputation, 1 Call Driving should be your one and only call. By using our professional drivers you can achieve significant savings, here's how:
    • Greater productivity
    • Fewer accidents
    • Lower diesel costs
    • Better utilisation of your vehicles
    • Happy clients
    • Late last year we introduced a brand new, revolutionary staggered charge rate system, where the more notice you give us to fill your booking, the less we charge you, call our operations team for the detailed rates

    Fed up with agency drivers not turning up?

    When you book an agency driver, the last thing you need is for the driver not to turn up at all, or to arrive and discover that he hasn't got the relevant skills or experience to do the job. We are so confident in the quality of our drivers and our service, we happily offer this guarantee:

    If we agree to supply you with a driver and fail to do so without giving you 12 hours prior notice we will pay you £100.

    Where the client fails to inform us within 45 minutes of a driver's non attendance. Where a replacement driver arrives within 60 minutes of the time the drivers absence was notified to us.
    We provide a high quality driver hire service

    We have tried to include all relevant client
    and job seeker information on this website.

    If you can't find the information you require on this website
    please contact us and we will assist you.
    Summary1 Call Driving
    Disciplinary control over driversYES
    £100 Guaranteed that a driver will turn up?YES
    Low cost no excess driver negligence insuranceYES
    All drivers supplied with uniformsYES
    knowledgable professionals answering the phoneYES
    Quality drivers providedYES
    £1000 fidelity bonding insurance includedYES
    Tachograph returned within 14 daysYES
    Free Fidelity bonding insurance

    £1000 of Fidelity bonding cover is automatically
    included with every driver supplied.

    If a higher figure is required we will be pleased to discuss it.
    Our reputation has been hard earned and we have no intention of destroying it by employing sub-standard drivers. We carefully interview, test and reference every driver before employment is offered.
    Because of our permanent employment status our retention rate is far superior to that of an agency, this ensures the chances of the same driver returning to work for you time and again in the future are greatly increased.
    Tachograph care and return service.

    Have you ever hired a temporary driver from
    an agency, then spent hours trying to
    get hold of your Tachographs?

    We at 1 Call Driving understand that incorrect and missing tachographs can put your Operations Licence at risk. The manpower, cost and time spent chasing missing Tachographs increases the overall cost of an agency making them an even less attractive solution to your problem.
    To remove this unnecessary burden from you we operate an effective Tachograph care and return service. All Tachographs are scanned into our computer system and then delivered to you within 14 days to ensure your administration is kept to a minimum.

    Level 4 Security Training is carried out
    by our own Department of Transport
    approved trainers.

    HIAB crane To improve our ability to supply the quantity of HIAB drivers needed, we regularly train drivers to RTITB/CITB Standards.
    ADR Certified Training in Packages and Tankers is available to qualifying drivers.
    LGV We regularly upgrade our experienced 7.5 Tonne drivers (Cat C1) to LGV2 (Cat C)
    Level 4 In this uncertain world taking risks with untrained and uncertified drivers for Airport work can result in the loss of lives not just your handling licence. 1 Call Driving have onsite trainers who utilise coursework approved by the Department of Transport.
    No confidence in agency Drivers?

    Have you ever claimed on a temporary
    agencies Driver Negligence policy
    then had them try to worm out of paying
    or found out about the £1000 excess in the small print!

    1 Call Driving offer good plain speaking Driver Negligence cover in exchange for a small fee. However unlike temp agencies, we are so confident in our driving team that we will pay any excess applied to a claim.

    "Yes you read it right! Low priced Driver negligence cover and we pay the excess on any claim."

    Classes of driver available

    Whatever class of driver you need
    they will be:

    • informed about your job and its requirements.
    • Motivated.
    • Capable of doing the job.
    • Smartly uniformed.
    • Correctly licensed.
    • Guaranteed to turn up.
    • Able to follow instructions.
    • Carrying an identity card.
    • Wearing safety boots and hi vis safety wear
    • Manual handling trained.
    Category C+E (Class 1,HGV 1)

    Trunking, Timber, Tankers or Tautliners.

    We currently employ a large number of
    experienced C+E drivers. Our skill is in matching them to your requirements,
    give us a try we are sure our team will do 1 Call Driving proud.
    Constantly looking for the cream of the crop we recruit drivers based on their experience, common sense, attitude and geographical knowledge. This helps us to build and retain a quality team of driving professionals.
    Category C (Class 2, HGV 2, 17 Tonne)

    Good Class C drivers are hard to find
    so we work hard to find them.

    We are proud of the team of drivers we have assembled. The quality and professionalism of our drivers is our best advert. As a client, you are the one to benefit from this experience.
    We understand the transport industry and know that sending a driver who has neither the skills, experience or attitude to do the job can cost you your customers, your revenue, even your Operators licence!
    We send drivers who can not only do multidrop but can do it without upsetting your customers!
    Category C1 (7.5 tonne)

    At 1 Call Driving all of our drivers
    are important to us.

    We encourage our 7.5 tonne drivers to emulate the professionalism
    found in our LGV drivers. Experienced and capable in all aspects of their industry, they have good geographical knowledge, understand Tachographs and get the job done.

    We supply quality experienced drivers, please don't confuse us with the agencies that will send a labourer to do a driving job just because they happen to have (hopefully) a C1 entitlement on their licence.
    Category B (Ordinary Licence, Light Van)

    Our van drivers still conform to the standards
    we set for our LGV drivers

    We only employ exceptional class B drivers. They need to impress us with their attitude, driving skill and be smart and reliable.
    Because we employ them we have to be very careful who we set on. We will not consider anyone who has not worked for a living as a delivery driver before (parcels and pallets not pizzas).
    We don't have any labourers on our books so unlike some we won't be sending you one when you ask for a DRIVER!
    We supply drivers

    Sorry but we don't supply donkeys
    try somewhere else!

    We believe that in order to be a specialist you must concentrate on one discipline so we don't supply Industrial Staff, Carpenters or Secretaries either.
    ....unlike some of our competitors! We don't offer a total solution, one stop shop or a poor service.

    But we do supply drivers and by concentrating on what we do best we remain focused on providing a 1 rate driver supply service to our clients.

    Whatever your needs

    Site Work, Tipper, Skip, Roll-on Roll-off,
    Wide Loads, Car Transporters or Moffett!

    At 1 Call Driving we are aware of the training, length of experience and critical safety awareness that is required in handling all types of specialised vehicles.
    Only drivers that meet your criteria will be supplied to drive and operate them.
    what ever you need give 1 Call Driving a call for a straight Yes or No!
    Need a Drawbar driver? Would that be A frame?
    It's also important to have quality people answering the telephone.
    We know that asking the right questions can make all the difference when supplying drivers. Our office is staffed by experienced professionals who make it THEIR business to know YOUR business.
    ADR, Dangerous Goods

    Fully trained and certified drivers, who have
    either packages or tanker training are supplied.

    We regularly check licences and certificates to ensure you can be confident that your legal obligations are met.
    Give us a call with your requirements we will give you a straight answer regarding availability.
    Supply is limited so early booking is advisable.
    HIAB Crane operators

    We supply experienced, trained and
    certified HIAB crane operators across
    all classes of vehicle licences.

    Certification to RTITB standards, drivers carry a photo-card with training and certification details. In order to meet client orders we regularly train drivers through a reputable training organisation.
    Supply is limited especially in the summer months so early booking is advisable.
    Level 4 Air Cargo

    Drivers transporting Air Cargo on either
    collections, deliveries or trunking are required
    to have attended an approved Level 4 Security
    Training Program.

    1 Call Driving are officially approved by the Department of Transport to deliver an approved training program and certify drivers. Level 4 trained drivers supplied carry officially approved photo cards with the necessary details. All courses are held in house ensuring we can meet new orders as required.
    Why take the risk using an unapproved agency?
    Come join our team of professional drivers.

    Our driving services are in demand and we need
    more drivers to fulfill our orders.

    If you live in the areas contact us and come join our team.
    Class 1 / C + E / LGV 1 Drivers the Job

    Trunking, Timber, Tankers or Tautliners

    You don't have to have done the lot, but we are looking for
    experienced drivers that have done more than just chauffeur vehicles around for the last 20 years. We need mature, self motivated individuals of over 25 years of age, but whether you are 25 or 65, it's your experience and attitude that matters.
    The type of work can be quite varied, working with different companies around your local area, you will be providing cover for seasonal fluctuations, holidays and sickness. Generally C+E work can be general transport or distribution work of 2 - 10 drops a day.
    Be aware this is NOT a 9-5 job! Nights, Tramping and Weekend work are also available.
    Class 1 / Category C + E Drivers

    Temporary drivers are currently paid on a sliding scale from £7.75 to £9.00 per hour, plus overtime after 8 hours

    Drivers are provided with smart navy blue uniforms.
    Hi Vis Vests,
    Polo Shirts
    and heavy duty Hi-Vis waterproof coats.
    Class 2 / Cat C / LGV 2 Drivers the Job

    Steel, Straps, Skips or Multidrop

    You don't have to have done the lot but we are looking for
    experienced drivers that can do more than 1 drop a day!
    Whether you are 25 or 65 it's your experience and attitude that matters. If your good enough come and work for a company that deserves you. Working with a variety of companies around your local area, you will be providing cover for seasonal fluctuations, holidays and sickness.
    The work is varied and can be either multidrop or distance work. We don't want blood but we do require a positive "can do" work attitude for a generous days pay.
    Temporary drivers can choose the type and hours of work that suits them.
    Class 2 / Category C Drivers

    Temporary drivers are currently paid on a sliding scale from £7.25 to £8.50 per hour, plus overtime after 8 hours

    Drivers are provided with smart navy blue uniforms.
    Hi Vis Vests,
    Polo Shirts
    and heavy duty Hi-Vis waterproof coats.
    7.5 Tonne / Category C1 Drivers the Job

    Tacho experienced and Multidrop capable

    We are looking for experienced drivers that
    have a good all round knowledge of 7.5 tonne work.
    Aged over 25 It's your experience and attitude that matters. Capable of multidrop, flexible, reliable and willing to work. If you're good enough, come and join
    1 Call Driving.
    Working with a variety of companies around your local area, you will be providing cover for seasonal fluctuations, holidays and sickness.
    The work can be anything from general haulage to multidrop. Nights out, nights and weekend work are also available.
    7.5 Tonne / Category C1 Drivers

    Temporary drivers are currently paid on a sliding scale from £6.50 to £7.75 per hour, plus overtime after 8 hours

    Drivers are provided with smart navy blue uniforms.
    Hi Vis Vests,
    Polo Shirts
    and heavy duty Hi-Vis waterproof coats.
    Class B Ordinary licence Drivers the Job

    Transport industry experienced

    We are looking for good multidrop drivers
    with an excellent knowledge of local areas.
    It's your experience and attitude that matters.
    You need to be over 25 and have a provable work history in the transport industry. Working with a variety of companies around your local area, you will be providing cover for seasonal fluctuations, holidays and sickness.

    Nights out, Nights and Weekend work is also available.
    Class B Ordinary licence Drivers

    Temporary drivers are currently paid on a sliding scale from £6.00 to £7.25 per hour, plus overtime after 8 hours

    All drivers are provided free with smart navy blue uniforms.
    Hi Vis Vests,
    Polo Shirts
    and heavy duty Hi-Vis waterproof coats.

    Yeah right

    Sorry but if you're not reliable, have a bad atitude, or unable to drive professionally (trucks not horses:-) we don't want you!

    Level 4 security training is carried out
    by our own Department of Transport
    approved trainers.

    HIAB crane To improve our ability to supply the quantity of HIAB drivers needed,we regularly train drivers to To RITB Standards.
    ADR Certified Training in Packages and Tankers is available to qualifying drivers.
    LGV We regularly upgrade our experienced 7.5 Tonne drivers to class C
    Level 4 1 Call Driving have an onsite trainer who together with the coursework is approved by the Department of Transport.
    We need committed drivers

    In return we give full time permanent, clear,
    fair and unambiguous Contracts of Employment.

    But if you have been around long enough to have had your fingers burnt by false promises and see working for us as too good to be true try the 1 Call Driving test!

    Next time you spot a 1 Call Driving solutions DRIVER (look for the navy blue uniform and gold badge) ask him if we stand by our promises and are as good as we say we are.

    Unlike some we don't reward our drivers for recommending people to us so they have no reason to tell you porkie pies!

    or send us a message directly using this form

    Your Name
    Your email address
    Verify email address

    If you would like to join our team?

    Fill in this form and we will contact you.

    Title:Email Address:
    First name:Telephone:
    Date of Birth:
    Licences / Qualifications
    Class C+E (HGV 1)Class C (HGV 2)
    Class C1 (7.5 Ton)Class B (Car / Van)
    ADR PackagesADR Tankers
    Convictions/disqualifications within the last 10 yrs
    How did you find this site:
    Any Comments:
    Working Time Road Transport Regulations

    Take a look at our jargon busting mini-site

    Goverments don't make regulations easy to read and it took us a long time to decipher the regulations and translate them into something that the average man or woman in the street could read and understand without taking evening classes.
    After sending all our drivers the facts in an easy to read booklet, we had lots of requests from clients and other agencies' drivers to explain the Working Time Road Transport Regulations to them.

    To help answer these requests and to further increase the understanding of this complicated subject we have created a mini Working Time (Road Transport) Regulations website.
    Visit our Working Time (Road Transport) Regulations website.

    Email, Write telephone or come and see us.

    Our Operations Centre is conveniently placed
    adjacent to the M62 in Morley, Leeds,
    West Yorkshire and is within easy reach
    of most towns in the Yorkshire and Lancashire.

    Approximate Travel times in minutes:
    Sheffield 42, Manchester 47, Doncaster 35, Oldham 36, Bolton 47,Bury 40, Rochdale 34, Stockport 50, Trafford park 47, Halifax 19, Chesterfield 61, Rotherham 40, Huddersfield 20, Wakefield 14, Pontefract 17, Bradford 16, Castleford 16, York 40, Barnsley 25, Worksop 53.

    Postal Address

    Head Office and all enquires

    1 Call Driving Solutions Ltd
    National Operations Centre
    43 Church Lane
    LS28 7RR

    Motorway Map
    Street Map
    Directions to Head Office
    Our Operations Centre is conveniently placed
    adjacent to the M62 in Morley, Leeds, West Yorkshire.

    Exiting Eastbound Junction 27 M62
    As road splits,(A650 and M621) join the left hand lane (A650).
    Follow slip road to end and join middle lane of carriageway.
    Progress to roundabout and take 3rd exit sign posted Morley (A650).
    Follow road for ½ mile to Traffic lights (Toby Cavery The Angel Pub on left) Turn Left,
    follow road for ½ mile, at Traffic lights turn Right,
    follow road for ¼ mile to Pelican Traffic lights and mini-roundabout,
    turn left and park (see parking).
    From Manchester
    Follow the M62 Eastbound over the pennines and exit Junction 27 (see above).

    Exiting Westbound Junction 28 M62
    At the bottom of the slip road join the roundabout and take the third exit
    signposted A650 Morley and Bradford.
    At the second set of traffic lights turn right signposted Morley.
    Proceed to the first roundabout and then take the second exit.
    Proceed to the second roundabout where you go straight across.
    At the second of two mini roundabouts turn right and park.(see parking).
    From Sheffield, Barnsley and the South.
    Take M1 north to junction 42, then take the M62 westbound
    Exit at the first exit which is junction 28 (see above).
    From Doncaster
    Join the A1 Northbound to the junction with M62,
    then take the M62 westbound and exit at junction 28 (see above).
    From Hull and the East
    Take the M62 Eastbound and exit at junction 28 (see above).
    From York or the North East.
    Follow the A1 South or A64 to the northern end of the M1,
    proceed south to junction 42.
    Take the M62 West and exit at junction 28 (see above).
    1 Call Driving are situated down the hill past Morrisons on your right.
    Parking is free nearly everywhere in Morley.
    You can park in the street parking areas on the left past the leisure centre or
    park in Morrison's supermarket car park or
    you may be lucky and be able to park in the couple of spaces on your right past Morrisons (1 hour only)
    When you get out of your car proceed down the hill and our office is located on your right at the junction of Queen Street which is the second junction on your right below the supermarket.
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    Telephone us
    Leeds 0113 253 6878

    All calls are recorded